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Living in the Ripple Instead of the Waves

When you are living in the waves you are riding from high to low and missing out on longer periods of peace and calm. You can actually train your systems to think that the waves are normal, and if you find yourself in the ripples you do things to create waves because while uncomfortable, they are familiar and your mind, emotions, and body gravitates to the familiar.

Three ways to know if you are living in the Waves

  • Your emotions make you feel paralyzed. You may have a very good idea of what you can do to feel better but finding the direction to start feels overwhelming, in fact it adds to the wave.
  • Every emotion is intense and doesn’t always match the situation. The littlest things can set you off into big emotions. The other side of that? Big situations can be met with numbness or rejection of the feeling.
  • You are overwhelmed and attempting to suppress what you’re feeling or projecting what you are feeling onto others. Making your feelings and experience someone else’s responsibility, often referred to as being the victim.

Three ways to live in the ripple

  • Learn to evaluate what you are feeling. One great way to do this is by responding by saying “that’s interesting”. Feelings and emotions are natural. Trying to control them is not the goal. Allowing them to present themself, and not attach to them is the goal. When we attach meaning and either past experience or future projections too an experience we give the feeling and emotion the power to become a wave. As we learn to observe what we are feeling without immediately attaching to it we allow it the space to more naturally, ripple away, and move along.
  • Put the feelings and emotions in a holding pattern. Push the pause button. If you are HALT (Hungry, angry, lonely, or tired) You are going to apply a lot of meaning to a place/situation/experience that can’t support it. When something is unstable and falls over, it creates waves. Creating stability before processing feelings and emotions helps them be ripples not waves. If you are feeling something big write it down, put it away for 24-72 hours. If you still feel the same intensity when you retrieve it you may require assistance in processing what is going on. (That’s something I do!)
  • Find your place of peace when things are calm. One reason mediation is so great isn’t necessarily because of what happens when your practicing it when things are calm. One of the great benefits is what it can do for you when you are not. For example: I spent 30 days daily sitting in front of my salt lamp, burning Paulo Santo, and listening to the 417 hz Solfeggio for 15 minutes. I fell out of the practice and moved along. One year later I was in my office and turned on the soundtrack I had used. My body immediately moved to the state of being that it was trained to be in during those 30 days. Now when things start to feel chaotic to for me, I put that song on and my body falls into form. If there isn’t some type of reminder of the practice during the calm times it will become more challenging over time for you to call up the feeling in times of pressure. If you only mediate for 15 minutes on Sunday that is enough to keep the pattern stored in your system.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to move from being in the waves to living in the ripple Dynamic Life Coaching and Dynamic Life System Coaching can help! You can schedule a session or a complimentary consultation with me here: https://utahdynamic.janeapp.com/#/staff_member/1

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