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Getting Rid of the Rules

It’s 11:33 pm and the inspiration and the words fill my mind. I find myself arguing with the rules. It’s late. Your alarm is going to go off at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Is it really the best idea to blog, on your business blog, at this time of night? The words cluttering my mind go on and on and on. But this time I hear the words that I say to my clients all of the time “Get rid of the rules.”

How much of your life is dictated by “the rules”?  Don’t worry I can hear the panic you’re feeling right now, but the rules, the rules keep things on track, the rules keep me in my lane, the rules make sure that I am doing what I am supposed to when I a supposed to be doing it. The rules make sure that I go to bed when I a supposed to, the rules make sure that I eat what I am supposed to, the rules make sure that I am parenting my kids the way that I am supposed to, the rules make me safe.

What if the rules are a lie? What if the rules are a figment of your imagination? What if the rules aren’t keeping your safe, but the rules are keeping you stuck? How often do you think of something you would love to do (blog at 11:38 at night) but the rules tell you that is not the time that sort of thing happens, or doing that thing will wreck havoc on the rest of  your life, or tomorrow at the very least?

When these rules come up I encourage you to ask yourself; where did this rule come from? Is this rule actually true? By “breaking this rule do I feel guilty? If I got rid of this rule would I feel more free? Would I feel more authentic? What is keeping me attached to this rule?

You’re not alone, the rules come in all shapes and sizes and we all have them. From big things about what makes someone a good person, friend, mother, father, child etc. to what is the correct time to have dinner and put your kids to bed.

How would it feel to release yourself from the rules that you think are keeping you safe, and live presently, in the moment? How would it feel to blog at 11:41 at night? How would it feel to not care about how your child dressed themselves? How would it feel to not feed your kids dinner, and have snacks instead… without creating a story about why it’s okay or justified this time? How would it feel to hang a picture of a rainbow unicorn in your living room because it makes you feel good? How would it feel to leave the dirty dishes in the sink, the laundry on the bathroom floor, and put your kids to bed with dirty feet?

Checking in with yourself, and the rules you have created about the “right” way to live your life versus the present way to live your life can bring profound levels of peace and understanding. Allowing yourself to understand the reason behind why you do what you do, and eliminating or, or accepting it, can open up the door to change and living life more authentically.

If you are struggling to understand the rules you’ve created around your existence I can help you determine where they are, as well as guide you in creating a life of authentic existence.

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