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Sitting with your Emotions

What does that even mean. I guess I get it on the surface it sounds good. Sit with your emotions, so progressive so in touch. However, like so many things we are told will help us, it assumes that we are familiar with our emotions, that we know how to identify them, and that once …

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Only Kindness Matters

I’m sure you’ve seen the fancy post that if you can choose to be anything be kind. And sure, it’s a great sentiment, but some days are bad days and being kind is feels anything but possible. I’m grateful that we don’t all have the same bad days, so the people that are struggling with …

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Getting Rid of the Rules

It’s 11:33 pm and the inspiration and the words fill my mind. I find myself arguing with the rules. It’s late. Your alarm is going to go off at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Is it really the best idea to blog, on your business blog, at this time of night? The words cluttering my mind go …

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Picking Your Filter

I’m sure you’ve heard the Wayne Dyer quote, or something close to it, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” For several years after hearing this I held onto a literal interpretation of this, thinking as I changed my way of thinking the tangible things around me …

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You Can Change Your Mind

Yes, you can. And right now if you are thinking about something where you would like to change your mind, but believe that I am wrong and that you can’t, I want you to know you can, it might be the hardest things you ever do, but you can and it will be worth it. …

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Tiny Dancer

If you have ever had a chance to spend more than 24 hours with me (not necessarily all at once) you know that I love to dance. I can’t help myself. For better or worse I find myself dancing behind my grocery cart, slowing my jog to add a few box steps in, the car, …

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